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Trade-Technology Relation in Small and Poor Economies

"'Export-led Growth': The Trade-Technology Relation in Small and Poor Economies" (May 2024)

Trade-Technology in Small and Poor Economies - Titlepage

New World Order of Multipolarity and Multilateralism

"Economic Principles for A New World Order of Multipolarity and Multilateralism" (Apr 2024)

New World Order - Titlepage

Small Nations Succeed

"Why Small Nations Surprisingly Succeed: Trade, Technology, and the Washington Consensus" (Mar 2024)

Small Nations Succeed - Titlepage

Economics Global Order

"Economics for the Global Economic Order: The Tragedy of Epic Fail Equilibria" (Oct 2023; joint with Shiro Armstrong)

Global Economic Order - Titlepage

Global Economic Order - Demand, Supply

Shifting Great Powers

"Shifting the great powers" (Apr 2023) Great Power competition between China and the US affects more than just the world's two great powers. Everyone is a stakeholder in geopolitical rivalry. The prognosis, however, is not optimistic for lesser nations' being anything but passive observers, not least following Thucydides's observation on Great Powers doing what they will and the rest of us suffering what we must. Nonetheless, both equilibrium reasoning and empirical evidence suggest that the positions of the Great Powers can be shifted through the influence of other states, i.e., that Great Powers' behaviours are elastic with respect to Third Nations' agency. (SCMP version Thu 20 Apr 2023)

Platform Workers Responses

"Platform Companies and Platform Workers: Price and Quantity Responses to Changing Cost" (Oct 2022) What is a platform company, and how are platform workers not employees? In a gig economy what are likely patterns of price pass-through if policies make platform workers more costly? Platform companies, platform workers

Roles Central Banks

"The Roles of Central Banks --- Evolution, or Demand and Supply?" (Apr 2022) // Trying to bring Kindleberger and Thucydides, or just demand and supply, to smooth out a narrative for central bank evolution, whether away from or remaining at a narrow Independence/Price Stability mandate.

"Inequality is No Sufficient Statistic" // Technical paper (not yet uploaded) // 2021.07 IEA RIDGE slides // 2021.05 Nontechnical treatment // 2021.02 Straits Times Commentary - Inequality: A tale of three countries. The paper in 1 picture Inequality is No Sufficient Statistic, in 1 graph

"The Inchoate Tradeoff Between COVID-19 And Economic Performance" (June 2021). The paper in 1 picture COVID-19 and Economic Performance, in 1 graph

"Taking Stock of an Unprecedented Pandemic," (with Ong, Toon Hui) Ethos (June 2021), Issue 22 pp. 7-19.

"A Thucydides Fallacy: The New Model of Power Relations for Southeast Asia, the US, and China," THINK, The Head Foundation Digest (June 2021) Issue 8, pp. 2-7. Reprinted, with new introduction section. The paper in 1 picture New Models of Power Relations, in 1 graph

"The Marketplace for World Order: Inclusiveness in the International System"