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Soundbites on longer-term strategic work arcs:

  1. Is world order a linear hierarchy, or is an alternative geometry more appropriate?
  1. Where is the World's Tightest Cluster of People, that is, the smallest circle on our 3-dimensional planet that includes at least 50% of the world's population? In 2015 that was the circle 3300km in great-circle radius centred near Mong Khet in Shan State, Myanmar, on the border with China.

(Big-picture history and economics: Ten minutes of "Why most people live here"

Why most people live here

drawing on, among other things, what I did on World's Tightest Cluster, with a commercial sponsor!)

  1. This is my 2011 animation of the global economy’s shifting center of gravity since 1980. The dots in black are 1980-2007; those in red are 2010-2049. The paper won the GPPN Best Article Prize for 2011.
  1. The sequence of past workstreams, apparently, show the same "1 picture" trait:
Past Workstreams in 1 Picture

Who knew. (These extractions are from previous different publications of mine. The sequence of "each workstream in 1 picture" result from my attempts to cross-validate on an independent corpus what I'm machine-learning about the world's emotions, language, and tone in narratives on inequality and social mobility).