DQ at Asia Society speech appeal

This is my work-in-progress website. It's a bare-bones collection of pages for rapid access, quick update, and reduced fuss (via git control), focusing on just my writings or lectures or R code. Most of what appears below is auto-generated.

(For my TikTok videos or Insta snaps, you'll have to look elsewhere.)

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2023.05.01 Is the Platform Worker the Future of Workers? The hard truth? Almost everyone may be a platform worker in the future. Straits Times
2023.04.26 Shifting the Great Powers Mao Zedong welcoming US President Richard Nixon at his home in Beijing on 22 Feb 1972.  Nixon urged China to join the US in a 'long march together' on different roads to world peace. Photo: AFP
2023.04.02 Be Competent. Be Ethical 2023.03.15 CNA Edelman Trust Barometer

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